English Tuition

Inspiring Students to Focus on skill building and to Develop Confidence in Themselves While taking charge of their own learning as independent learners with Help from Our Qualified and Highly Experienced, DBS Checked Teachers.

LevelYear GroupAge Group
PrimaryYears 3-67-11 years
SecondaryYears 7-911-14 years
GCSEYears 10-1114-16 years
A-LevelYears 12-1317-18 years

At Ashby Knight Tuition, we provide English tuition for students requiring guidance in the following categories with dedicated English Teachers at every level.

English lessons from only £15 per hour

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Why do parents choose us?

Ashby Knight Tuition aims to provide an English curriculum designed to suit the individual needs of your child through our process below.

For more details about our free consultation and tutoring process, feel free to contact us on 01274 981 500.

1. Free Consultation

Parents start with a free consultation from our assessor Mr. Ali, an experienced principal and qualified educator for over 25 years.

The consultation will involve an in-depth assessment of your child’s abilities, personality, and confidence levels to determine their strengths and weaknesses, which will help us develop a customised plan for enhancing their English skills.

2. Parental Feedback

The proposed plan is shared with parents along with our feedback after the consultation.

The plan details the approach we recommend by identifying key areas of development for your child.

We understand that you know best for your child, and as such, we will incorporate any changes that reflect information shared by you about your child’s learning abilities.

3. Customised Tutoring

As a rule of thumb, we do not mix children with different learning abilities.

The are options available for group tutoring where the Teacher Pupil ratio is kept at 1:6, and we also have one to one sessions for those who need more assistance from our English Teachers.

Our overall goal is to make the process of learning English more engaging while focusing on confidence building so your child can reach their full potential.

No topic left uncovered

We teach in line with the English curriculum. We create a customised learning plan for each child after our evaluation, which is designed to reflect their individual needs, whether they’re looking to understand basic English Language concepts or advanced topics.

Our Qualified English teachers are capable of providing support to students who wish to improve their English Skills at KS2, KS3, and GCSE levels. The following is a list of some of the popular topics that we cover:

Comprehensive Skills

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Creative Writing


Textual Analysis and Critique

Literacy techniques through various genre

What our parents say...

Some kind words from our parents and students

Tuition timings

Our centre is open 6 days a week from 10am to 6pm. 

We are located in the heart of Bradford and we can be easily accessed by car as well as buses.

We are closely monitoring the changing government guidelines for Covid-19 and are following them accordingly.


Book your FREE consultation

Book your FREE consultation with our 25-year qualified principle Mr Ali.

The consultation is designed to determine the strengths and weaknesses in your child’s learning. During the consultation a thorough assessment will be carried out in Maths or English or both depending on your child’s requirements.

Parents always tell us how the consultation benefitted their understanding of the education system in general and how to effectively set targets for their child. You will not get this level of service anywhere else.

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